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Welcome to Luxury Car Source
Where we don’t drive luxury cars, they drive us!

Luxury Car Source started in 2012 with a lifelong passion for fine cars by founder Derek Shea and his wife Kisha, car enthusiasts of luxury cars both classic and current models. Derek is known by all his friends and family and former co-workers as the “car guy” and Kisha has an extreme discerning eye for detail but more importantly loves speed.  Whether it’s which tires to buy or the resale value of cars or how to get a spot/stain out of the leather for some reason people trusted their car questions and decisions with them.  Turning a passion into a business is not always profitable but they were determined to do it.  Since the age of five Derek lusted after fine automobiles watching his Uncle Bill tinker on his muscle cars in his grandma’s garage.

By the age of 21 Derek had already owned several sports and luxury cars and had some of the nicest cars in the neighborhood that he worked hard full time through college to pay for.  In the early 90’s Derek had found a niche in buying new classic Japanese sports and luxury cars like Acura Legends, Mazda Rx-7’s and 300ZX’s that needed some attention to details, some TLC and cleaning them up/restoring them, later selling them for a profit.  At the same time Kisha admired her dad, Stanley and his restoration of classic cars and trucks like his Cadillac Coupe De Ville and Chevy Silverado stepside.  College, as well as careers in pharmaceutical sales and nursing kept both Derek and Kisha away from cars but they continued to have a strong passion for cars and of course, working with people!

With the introduction of e-commerce/social media sites like Craigslist, FaceBook, eBay and others they found it even easier to connect with potential customers.  The painstaking task of buying automobiles has changed from sitting in a dealership for four hours to buy a car on a Saturday to bidding on a vehicle and having it shipped to you before you even touch it at 10pm on a Tuesday. Derek continued to buy and sell cars as a hobby throughout the 2000’s and became forum moderator on several prominent Lexus and Infiniti Forum Boards as well as a member of several car clubs.  Derek created a name for himself on eBay being a Power Seller with a 1,000 rating of 100%, selling cars to many new owners, again all as a hobby. After nearly 20 years of success in outside sales in the corporate world, leading sales teams and traveling all over exceeding customers’ expectations, Derek decided to follow his dreams by starting his own luxury car dealership built on the foundation of trust, integrity, quality and value.  Derek could not do it alone, and needed a trusting partner who had a similar passion for cars and strong attention to detail, convincing Kisha to leave nursing to join him.  Luxury Car Source has been proudly serving the Dallas Fort Worth Plano Carrollton Irving Arlington Grand Prairie Richardson Allen McKinney Lewisville areas and are a licensed, bonded Texas Dealer since 2012.  Welcome!